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Pulse Glass

Pulse Glass was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, California with the aim of combining functionality with art. The result is what we see today in decorative glass smoking pieces that keep up with times and the market’s demands. The products manufactured by Pulse glass are all made in the USA from borosilicate glass and a selection of other high-qualities raw materials. To stay ahead of competitors, Pulse Glass uses platinum in its design partly because of the metal’s aesthetics, but mostly due to its nonreactive nature.

The design stage is a critical part of PG’s products, and so the team is allowed to be as creative with the percolators as they can. The company gives credit to the original inventors of their products, which include the award-winning Gridded Tongue, Double Showerhead, & Barrel Stemline. The winning streak started after inception and continued to 2014 with the invention of the micro-series Barrel Drum.

Traits that keep these designs winning include simplicity, sophistication, quality, and functionality. Pulse Glass is still a small-knit family affair, and so its production is not in the same capacity as its larger counterparts. Products are made to retain the same quality that launched the company’s success. While that results in minimal sales, it ensures that the only products going out to the consumer are the best they can be.

Apart from designing the best product Pulse Glass can, the emphasis is made on service, with the company asking clients for their feedback on products and making changes to remedy any concern. PG Is also big on giving back, and so a fraction of every glass product sold goes to a charity of choice.

Pulse Glass specializes in hand blowing dab rigs, bongs, recycler rigs, and bubblers. We highly recommend their products to customers no matter if you are new to using water pipes or an experienced vet.

Pulse Glass

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Pulse Glass Showerhead Perc Ash Catcher