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Kandy Pens
Kandy Pens, based in Arizona, decided to approach the portable vape market using an entirely different strategy compared to other companies in their niche. The female audience has been neglected over time, and so the company sought to remedy that. Through research and the employment of the latest technology, the company has come up with a line of portable vaporizers that are extremely discreet.

All Kandy Pens are made in the USA with the most exquisite material. One of the things that make vaporizers from Kandy Pens famous is their ability to work with dry herbs, concentrates, and other waxes. They are your typical jack of all trades. Most of the vaporizers produced by Kandy Pens come in a large variety of colors to choose from and they are also very functional.

Kandy Pens vaporizers are not only small and stylish, but their inner workings also enable the user to vape discretely. They utilize a ceramic disc atomizer that is placed just above the coil to preen it from making direct contact with the heating chamber. That way, the concentrate heats up slowly (following your preferred heat settings) and sending smaller amounts of vapor than their larger counterparts. Since oil heats up slowly, the resulting vapor is flavorful and the hits are smooth. An important feature that this company emphasizes on is the heat consistency. In keeping with the philosophy of vaping, heat never reaches combustion point, and so what a user gets is their essential oil or herb heated to perfection.

Over the years this company has developed some of the most popular vaporizers on the market including the Kandy Pens Galaxy, Micro-DX, K-Vape, Elite and more. If you are in the market for a new vaporizer then any one of these products should be suitable for your needs.

Kandy Pens

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