G Spot 4 Part Aluminum Grinder

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Made in The USA
  • Etched G-Spot Logo
  • Kief Catcher
  • Durable and Light Weight

If you are tired of grinding your herbs using your hands, this G Spot 4 Part Aluminum Grinder will seriously come in handy. Over the years, smokers have favored this method of grinding herbs because of the ability to speed up the process and to produce a fine and consistent product.

If you are using a dry herb vaporizer, bong, or maybe even a pipe, you will need to grind your dry herbs in order to achieve a consistency that will give you an elevated smoking experience.

This G Spot 4 Part Aluminum Grinder is black, spherical, and light making it perfect for those who travel. It is divided into four parts, but the entire product measures out at only 50mm. It is made of CNC-Machined aluminum and has a G-spot logo on the lid which has been laser etched into the metal. The material is good quality that makes this grinder long lasting unlike many other grinders on the market today.

It has sharp diamond teeth that grind through herbs with ease. At the bottom is a kief catcher that holds the pollen from the grind. The manufacturer includes a plastic scraper that does an even better job at catching the falling pollen. This pollen often referred to as “keif” can be recycled and smoked at a later time.

Based on the in-house tests we have conducted the G Spot 4 Part Aluminum Grinder wears very slowly depending on the frequency of use and the type herbs being ground. A nylon friction ring surrounds the teeth to slow down the process of wear.

All parts come apart quite easily, and they are equally easy to assemble when grinding. The package includes a cleaning brush. This grinder is quite affordable compared to the level of performance and durability which is why it has become a best seller on our website.

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