DHS 6 Inch Pink Bubbler

Product Information

Product Highlights

  • Durable Glass
  • USA Made Product
  • Unique Pink Color
  • Deep Bowl
  • Built In Diffuser
  • Left Side Carb Hole
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece

This pink glass bubbler stands tall at about 6 inches in height and it can definitely provide its users with incredible flavor and smoke levels. This is due to the products unique inline diffuser which pulls the smoke from your bowl down to the water. Once the smoke from this pink glass bubbler reaches the water it is than filtered out ensuring you do not inhale any unwanted toxins and it is also cooled. After the smoke as been cooled and filtered it is than released and dragged through the neck of the bubbler and into the smokers lungs. This process has proven to increase the purity of your smoke and provide an overall increased level of enjoyable smoke throughout your session. Say goodbye to harsh hits and though draws by purchasing this pink bubbler which is crafted in house at Sky High Smoke Shop.

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