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Envy Glass

Envy Glass, an American owned company, is the manufacturer of percolator bongs, handcrafted water pipes, and large bubblers. The Southern Californian company, which has been in operation for over ten years, makes these glass smoking applications from high-quality glass to ensure they are sturdy and durable. Although their products are a bit pricey compared to others quality justifies the cost. Part of what makes the final product stand out is the manufacturing process. These glass smoking products are made using high quality borosilicate glass which is known for its durability.

Products To Cater For A Wide Audience

Envy Glass has invested in an in-house design team that caters to the different needs of water pipe users. For those who prefer direct hits without any type of filtration Envy Glass designs straight shooters suitable for their needs.

For others, a hit is not complete without several layers of filtration to deliver only the purest of flavors, and so they go for percolator bongs with ice catchers. The company provides products for all that love these benefits. To keep the market fresh and their products at the top of its game, Envy Glass makes its smoking applications in a variety of colors and patterns.

More About Their Designs

The base of these glass applications is part of what makes these products worth their value. A bong’s core is its weakest point, and so Envy Glass uses electroplating to make the product sturdy while retaining a superior design. If you are searching for smoking  accessories which will provide you with incredible levels of performance and a long life span that choosing anything product from Envy Glass Works collection is highly recommended.

Envy Glass

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Envy Glass 12 Inch Ice Bong With Ice Catcher