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DeBowler is based in Reno, Nevada, and specializes in smoking accessories. Their signature products are ashtrays, with the glass one mainly catching the attention of collectors. The company is among the first in this industry to come up with glass smoking accessories, and it has held top place in the industry by being innovative with its designs and colors.


What makes their ashtrays stand out to most users is the plastic poker that comes with it. Cleaning pipes have never been more accessible because the poker reaches into hard-to-reach parts and does everything for you. A clean pipe allows for better inflow when you inhale, which is what makes this poker a winner with most smokers. Thanks to its versatility, this DeBowler has become more of an ashtray. Users are cautioned to put out their cigarette butts out entirely if they wish to use it as an ashtray.

The glass tray is so well designed that it has become a collector’s item. DeBowler is innovative, and so every year they release newly inspired glass ashtrays that also come with poking needles. They not only come in different sizes and designs, but they are also varied in color.

All the ashtrays from DeBowler are small and portable, and they are either dotted or spiraled. DeBowler’s glass ashtrays are either plain yet functional trays or the Royal DeBowler, a connoisseur’s item.


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